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Privacy Policy


    1.  This Privacy, Data Protection and Cookies Policy (“Policy”) explains how we use the information we collect from you when you use our website (“Site”). This Policy also applies to information we receive from you through any social media platforms that we control.

    2. Ichini-san (HK) Ltd is responsible for your privacy when you use our Site.

    3. Ichini-san (HK)  aims to be transparent about the information we collect about you, how it is used and whom it is shared with. We collect your information:

      1. to improve your user experience;

      2. under a secure environment;

      3. but you can decide what and how you want to hear from us;

      4. only when necessary.




    1. Protecting the privacy and security of our customers and Site visitors is of utmost importance to Ichini-san
      (HK) Ltd. We appreciate and understand how important privacy is to you. If you have any questions about how we protect your privacy, contact us at

    2. This Policy applies to your use of our services and complies with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

    3. For all our services, the company responsible for your privacy is Ichini-san (HK) Ltd .

    4. Ichini-san (HK) Ltd respects the privacy of children. Ichini-san (HK) will never knowingly request or use personal information from minors. If we become aware that we have collected personal information from a user of the Site who is under the age of 18, we will remove that minor's personal information from our files. Through the access and use of the Site, you have represented and warranted that you are 18 years of age or over. If you are under 18, please do not submit any personal information to us, and rely on a parent or guardian to assist you.



    1. To the extent permissible under the applicable law(s), we may collect information about you when you:-

      • Complete a service application form. We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and the country you are located.

      • Register to use our Site. We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and the country you are located.

      • Place an order using our Site. We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment details and the country you are located.

      • Contacting Customer Service, either via E-mail, telephone, fax or live chat. We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number.

      • Take part in surveys, enter into any competitions, prize draws. We may collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and the country you are located.

      • Interacting with us using social media. We may collect information such as your e-mail address, your social media handle, and the country you are located.

      • Contacting us offline. We may collect information such as your name, your telephone number and the country you are located.

      • From our partners. We may collect information such as your name, your e-mail address, your telephone number and the country you are located.

    2. Providing your personal information to us is not mandatory. However, if you choose not to share this information with us you may not be able to make purchases from our Site and you are unlikely to receive optimal overall customer experience.



    1. We may use your information for the following reasons:-

      • To operate the Site, such as to:

        • To create and maintain your account;

        • Communicate with you about your account with

      • To provide services to you, such as to:-

        • Process payments and refunds;

        • Deliver your purchases;

        • Handling returns;

        • Provide customer service support to you, whether online or offline;

        • Run surveys, competitions or promotions;

        • To communicate with you, whether online or offline, and on any platform.

      • To manage our business needs, such as testing our IT systems, research, data analysis, improving our Site, and developing new products and services.

      • To prevent fraud and other malicious acts.

      • To provide marketing to you about products, competitions, giveaways and surveys.

      • To provide customised and personalised services to you, such as analysing and predicting your interests so as to customise your online experience including showing you things that interest you.

      • To respond to your requests, such to contact you when you have submitted questions/inquiries to our Customer Service team.

      • To create new and exciting features and products for our customers.

      • To comply with regulatory requirements or obligations.

      • To conduct investigations or take action in relation to any violation of our terms and conditions for Services.

      • To conduct necessary due diligence, such as credit checks.

      • To enforce our legal rights.

      • Any other actions reasonably related to the above specified purposes.

    2. We also anonymise and aggregate personal information to ensure that you cannot be identified, and use it for data analysis and other legitimate purposes.



    1. We will keep your information for as long as you have your account, or as long as it is necessary to provide our services to you, or (in the case of any contact you may have with us for as long as it is necessary to provide support-related reporting and trend analysis only.

    2. We may also hold onto some of your information even after you have closed your account or when it is no longer needed to provide the services to you. This is for reasonably necessary purposes, or when we are required to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms and conditions,



    1. If you give us permission, we will send you marketing messages by email and/or SMS to keep you updated on what we’re up to and to help you view and find our products.

    2. We may also hold onto some of your information even after you have closed your account or when it is no longer needed to provide the services to you. This is for reasonably necessary purposes, or when we are required to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms and conditions,

      • Through your account settings

      • By clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any email

      • By contacting us.

    3. Once you do this, we will ensure that you do not receive further marketing messages. Please note that it may take a few days for all of our systems to be updated, so you may still receive messages from us while we process your request. This process will not stop us from providing service communications, such as order updates.



    1. We engage in online advertising to update you on what we are up to and to help you view and find our products.

    2. We aim to show you ichini-san (HK) banners and ads that are relevant to you through a variety of digital marketing networks, ad exchanges and social media. We also use a range of advertising technologies like pixels, cookies and ad tags services. For more information on the technologies we use, please refer to our Cookies Policy, below.

    3. We will tailor banners and ads of interest to you, depending on how you use the Site (for example, your search history and the content you have previously read).



    1. We do not sell any of your personal information to any third party.

    2. However, as a key part of providing our services to you, we do share your data with the following categories of companies:

      • Companies involved in getting your purchases to you, such as payment service providers, warehouses, order packers, and delivery companies;

      • Professional service providers, such as marketing agencies, advertising partners website hosts and 3rd party platform providers, who help us run our business;

      • Law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies or anybody required by law; and

      • Companies approved by you, such as social media sites (if you choose to link your account to us).

    3. We may also use data processors and other related companies during the course of our business. We protect your personal information through the use of data protection agreements with our data processors and related companies. These data protection agreements are in compliance with the GDPR.

    4. We may provide third parties with aggregated but anonymised information and analytics (that does not identify you) about our customers.



    1. We have implemented security safeguards designed to protect your personal information, such as HTTPS. While we are dedicated to securing our systems and the Site, we cannot warrant the security of any information that you send us. There is no guarantee that data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

    2. You are responsible for securing and maintaining the privacy of your password(s) and Account/profile registration information and verifying that the information we maintain about you is accurate and current. We are not responsible for protecting any information that we share with a third-party based on an account connection that you have authorised.

    3. You can contact us at:



    1. We respect your rights under the GDPR. Your rights include the following:-

      • The right to be informed about how your personal information is being used;

      • The right to access the personal information we hold about you;

      • The right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you;

      • The right to request deletion of your data, or to stop processing it or collecting it, in certain circumstances;

      • The right to stop direct marketing messages and to withdraw consent for other consent-based processing at any time;

      • The right to request that we transfer or port elements of your data either to you or another service provider;

      • The right to complain to your data protection regulator;

      • The right to withdraw your consent by writing to us.

    2. If you want to exercise your rights, make a complaint, or just have questions, please contact us.



    1. We may amend this Policy from time to time to reflect how we are processing your data.

    2. If we make significant changes, we will make them clear on the Ichini-san(HK) website or other Ichini-san(HK) services, or by some other means of contact such as e-mail, so that you are able to review the changes before you continue to use our Site. If you object to any changes, you may close your account.

    3. You acknowledge that your continued use of our services, after we publish or send a notice about our changes to this Policy, means that the collection, use and sharing of your personal information is subject to the updated Policy.



    1. The original Privacy Policy is in English. We have translated the Privacy Policy into other languages. However, should there be any inconsistencies between the English version of this Privacy Policy and any translations, the English version shall prevail.



    1. If you:

      • Have any questions or feedback about this notice;

      • Would like us to stop using your information; or

      • Want to exercise any of your rights as set out above, or make a complaint

      Please do not hesitate to contact us, who will gladly answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us via our website. You can also contact us at: 

      Contact: (+852) 27519889


  1. 總覽

    1. 本隱私權政策、資料保護法(以下統稱「本政策」)說明我們如何蒐集和利用您於本購物網站(以下統稱「本網站」)以及我們管理的所有社交媒體平台所提供的資料。

    2. ICHINI-SAN (HK) 私人有限公司負責維護您使用本網站之服務的隱私權。

    3. 關於您個人資料之蒐集、處理或利用,我們將使其目的明確化。我們蒐集您的資料:

      1. 以改善您的體驗

      2. 在安全的環境下進行

      3. 您可以決定接收訊息的方式

      4. 僅在必要時進行

  2. 保護您的隱私權

    1. ICHINI-SAN (HK) 注重保護本網站的顧客以及訪客的隱私權與安全。我們重視並了解隱私權對您的重要性。若您對我們如何保護您的隱私權有任何疑問或疑慮,請透過電子郵件Billie@ichini-san.com聯繫我們。

    2. 本政策適用於我們提供的服務並且符合歐盟個人資料保護法(GDPR)之規範。

    3. 您使用本網站服務的隱私權由WWW.ICHINI-SAN.COM私人有限公司負責維護。

    4. ICHINI-SAN (HK) 尊重兒童的隱私權。ICHINI-SAN (HK) 絕不會主動或刻意蒐集以及利用兒童的個人資料。一旦我們發現本網站不慎取得未滿十八歲用戶的個人身資料,我們將會立即移除該兒童的個人資料。當您進入本網站並使用本網站之服務,表示您已聲明並保證您已滿十八歲。若您未滿十八歲,請勿提供我們任何資料,您應該請求父母親或監護人的協助。

  3. 我們如何蒐集您的資料

    1. 在適用法律允許的範圍內,我們可能透過以下方式蒐集您的資料:

      • 填寫本網站的任何申請表格。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話以及您的所在地。

      • 於本網站註冊帳號。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話以及您的所在地。

      • 於本網站購買產品。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話、付款資料以及您的所在地。

      • 透過電子郵件、電話、傳真、線上客服系統聯繫客戶服務人員。 我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱以及聯絡電話。

      • 申請ICHINI-SAN (HK) 的聯盟行銷夥伴。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話、付款資料以及您的所在地。

      • 訂閱電子報以及其他行銷方式。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話、付款資料以及您的所在地。

      • 參與任何意見調查、活動、抽獎。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話、付款資料以及您的所在地。

      • 在我們管理的社交媒體平台上和我們互動。我們可能因此取得您的電子信箱、社交媒體使用名稱以及您的所在地。

      • 進入設有監視攝影機的門市或場所。我們可能因此取得您的肖像。

      • 透過線下方式聯繫我們。我們可能因此取得您的姓名、聯絡電話以及您的所在地。

      • 經由我們的合作業者。 我們可能取得您的姓名、電子信箱、聯絡電話以及您的所在地。

    2. 提供您的個人資料並非強制性,但是如果您選擇不提供個人資料,可能無法在本網站進行購買的程序,也無法使用我們提供的完整服務項目。

  4. 我們如何利用您的資料

    1. 我們根據以下情況處理或利用您的資料:

      • 進行本網站的運作,例如:

        • 建立或更新您的帳號資料

        • 與您聯繫ICHINI-SAN (HK) 官網帳號相關事宜

      • 提供您完整的服務項目,例如:

        • 進行付款及退款動作

        • 遞交您的包裹

        • 處理退貨申請

        • 提供線上及線下的客戶服務與支援

        • 進行意見調查及優惠活動

        • 透過線上及線下方式與您聯繫

      • 有效維持品牌經營,進行系統測試、調查、數據分析、提升網站功能、改善產品與服務品質。

      • 防範詐騙以及其他惡意行為。

      • 提供ICHINI-SAN (HK) 行銷策略,例如產品資訊、特別活動、贈品、市場調查。

      • 提供客製化或個人化服務,例如:分析或預測您的偏好,為您客製專屬個人偏好的網路購物。

      • 回覆並支援您的需求,例如:當您向客戶服務團隊請求協助時。

      • 開發新系列產品。

      • 遵守監管法規或義務。

      • 對違反本網站服務條款與條件的行為進行調查或採取必要行動。

      • 進行必要的審查,例如:信用卡檢查。

      • 執行我們的法定權利。

      • 任何涉及上述行為的動作。

    2. 為確保您的隱私權,我們將以匿名方式匯總顧客的資料,並將其用於數據分析以及其他合法用途。

  5. 資料保存

    1. 在您擁有本網站帳號的期間,或者我們有必要提供您任何服務,或者我們有必要提供相關支援通知以及資料分析(假如您有必要與客戶服務團隊保持聯繫我們保持聯繫)。面臨上述的情況,我們將會保留您的個人資料。

    2. 在合理的情況下必須遵守法律或者法規規定、解決糾紛、防止舞弊及濫用,或者必須執行我們的條件與條款,若涉及以上之情形,即使您已關閉您的帳號,或者不再使用本網站之任何服務,我們仍可能依照要求保留您的部分資料。

  6. 行銷訊息

    1. 我們會在您的允許之下,透過電子郵件和/或簡訊發送行銷訊息給您,提供您品牌最新動態、協助您瀏覽我們的產品。

    2. 您可以隨時取消接收任何行銷訊息:

      • 透過您的帳號設定

      • 進入郵件內容點選「取消訂閱」

      • 聯繫我們的

    3. 一旦您採取以上任何一項取消方式,我們將確保您不再繼續收到任何行銷訊息。系統需要幾天的時間進行更新,更新期間您仍然有可能收到行銷訊息。請注意:取消行銷訊息不等於取消系統服務通知(例如:訂單狀態通知)。

    1. 我們利用線上廣告提供您品牌的最新動態,並協助您瀏覽我們的產品。

    2. 我們的目標是透過各種數位行銷和廣告交易,呈獻您所感興趣的廣告。我們採用的廣告方式包括像素(Pixels)、Cookies、廣告標記服務。請參考Cookie政策,了解更多相關資訊。

    3. 我們會根據您使用網站的方式,提供符合您興趣的橫幅廣告。(例如:您的搜尋紀錄、您在本網站閱讀的內容)。


  7. 分享您的資料

    1. 我們不會將您的個人資料販售給不相干的第三方機構。

    2. 但是為了提供我們的服務,我們必須與下列機構分享您的個人資料:

      • 涉及產品訂單的所有相關業者,例如:付款處理公司、貨倉、產品包裝方,以及運送公司。

      • 協助我們營運的專業服務供應商,例如:市場行銷代理商、廣告夥伴,以及本網站的主機商。

      • 執法及防治詐騙機構,以及所有法定機構。

      • 經過您驗證的網站,例如:社交媒體網站(若您選擇使用您的社交媒體帳號登入本網站)。

    3. 我們可能在經營過程中,使用資料處理器並且與其他相關公司合作。我們透過資料處理器以及各相關公司,共同達成維護顧客的個人資料。這些資料保護協議皆符合個人資料保護法(GDPR)之規範。

    4. 我們會以隱匿的方式提供第三方業者顧客的匯集資料以及分析結果,不會揭露任何身分。

    5. 若ICHINI-SAN (HK) 或者其資產被出售、收購或與第三方合併,導致您的個人資料被轉到該第三方,您的個人資料依舊會受到隱私權政策的維護,該政策符合個人資料保護法(GDPR)之規範。


  8. COOKIE政策

    1. Cookie 是您的瀏覽器儲存在電腦硬碟上的小型檔案。每當造訪我們的網站,您的網頁瀏覽器會回傳已儲存的Cookie給我們,我們利用這些Cookie來辨認您目前使用的裝置,除了讓您安全地進入ICHINI-SAN (HK) 網站之外,也讓我們知道是否有人嘗試透過其他電腦或裝置登入您的帳號。此外,Cookie有效幫助我們提供您更完整的服務,以及呈現最符合您需求的廣告。

    2. ICHINI-SAN (HK)使用的Cookie類型:

      • 必要性Cookie: 讓您能夠正常使用本網站的服務。您可以透過瀏覽器設定功能進行偏好設定不接受儲存任何Cookie,但是這可能影響到您瀏覽以及使用某些功能的不便。

      • 網站功能性Cookie: 幫助我們有效進行辨識、記住您的偏好,並且提供完善的網站功能。例如:「加入購物袋」以及「加入願望清單」功能。

      • 顧客喜好Cookie: 這些Cookie記住您的購物及瀏覽習性(例如:語言設定、地區選擇),藉此大幅提升您的購物體驗與過程。

      • 網站分析Cookie: 用於觀察、測量、分析本網站的性能,藉此提升本網站的功能以及您的購物體驗。

      • 目標Cookie:提供有效的個人化廣告。

    3. 點選「接受所有Cookie」,即允許ICHINI-SAN (HK) 在您的裝置硬碟中放置或存取Cookie。如果您想選擇退出網站分析Cookie以及目標Cookie,請點選「退出其他Cookie」。在尚未選擇任何選項的情況下瀏覽網站,將被視為同意ICHINI-SAN (HK) 使用所有Cookie。若您不想接受任何Cookie,可以透過瀏覽器設定選擇停止使用Cookie功能,但是刪除或者不同意使用Cookie,可能影響到您日後造訪網頁的流暢度、無法充分使用網站功能和服務,以及降低您在ICHINI-SAN.com網站的購物經驗品質。您可以隨時透過設定,改變您同意我們存取哪一類型的Cookie。

  9. 資料保護政策

    1. 我們實施的安全保障措施是為保護您的個人資料,例如:HTTPS。然而我們無法保證網際網路資料傳輸的安全性,也無法擔保資料不會因違反任何實質、技術或管理規章而被入侵、被洩露、被更動或被破壞。

    2. 您有責任妥善保管以及保密個人帳號、密碼,以及註冊填寫的個人資料,並且保證您提供給我們的資料是準確的。任何您同意授權給第三方的資料皆不在我們的保護範圍內。

    3. 你可以聯繫我們以了解更多資訊:

  10. 您的權利

    1. 我們依照GDPR法規並重視您的權利:

      • 您有權獲知我們如何利用您的個人資料

      • 您有權取得了解我們保留您哪些個人資料

      • 您有權要求我們更正您的個人資料

      • 您有權要求我們刪除、停止處理、蒐集您的個人資料

      • 您有權停止接收行銷訊息並隨時撤銷您同意接收的任何服務訊息

      • 您有權要求我們轉移或者傳送您的個人資料給您或者給其他相關服務業者

      • 您有權向個人資料保護機構進行申訴

      • 您有權來信要求我們撤銷您同意我們使用您的個人資料之意願

    2. 若您欲採取申訴或者有任何疑問,請與我們聯繫。


  11. 改變隱私權保護的方式

    1. 為聲明我們如何處理以及利用您的個人資料,我們可能隨時修訂隱私權政策。

    2. 若本政策有任何重大更變,我們將在ICHINI-SAN (HK) 官方網站或者透過其他聯絡方式(如電子郵件)進行說明。請事先詳閱我們所做的更改,再繼續使用本網站之服務。若您不願服從隱私權政策之更變,請關閉您的帳號。

    3. 在您接收並同意我們所發佈或者寄出的隱私權政策修訂版本之通告,代表我們將立即依照修訂版本之條款進行個人資料之蒐集、處理、利用。


  12. 語言

    1. 本網站條款之中文翻譯版本與原始英文版本若有文義上之差異,一切則以原始英文版本內容為主。


  13. 與我們聯絡的方式

    1. 如以下:

      • 對本政策有任何疑問或意見

      • 要求我們停止利用您的個人資料

      • 要求執行上述之權利或者進行申訴


      Contact: (+852) 27519889


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